Thanks for the interest in our pre-order!

The pre-order isn’t live yet – but will work as follows:

We won’t be launching a pre-order until we’re close to having something you can immediately play that represents what the final product will be. We don’t want to accept your money until we can give you something to play.

Along with pre-order, we’ll be releasing a free demo that’s limited to Creative mode with multiplayer.

We’re currently on schedule to reach that milestone before the end of 2019.

Be sure to check the News page for updates about when the pre-order and demo will be launching.

Development schedule:

Phase 1: Pre-order – Before end of 2019
-Free playable demo restricted to Creative mode
-Soft release, instant access to Survival Alpha via pre-order
-Begin work on single planet survival gameplay

Phase 2: Survival Alpha – 2019-2020
-Implementation of basic temperature, hunger and weather mechanics
-Basic crafting and NPCs
-Refining of single planet gameplay
-Begin work on other planet types

Phase 3: Survival Beta – 2020-
-Fleshing out of mechanics implemented in Phase 1
-Introduce new planet types to main progression
-Begin work on space travel mechanics, ships
-Refine and polish overall gameplay
-Alternate game modes

Phase 4: Release (???)
-Wide scale release of game